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Surfasolve Solvent Replacement Technology eliminates flammable, toxic and chlorinated solvents.

21st Century Chemical founded in 1998 specializes in replacing hazardous solvents with a unique non-hazardous solvent replacement technology. The uses for this technology can reach into almost any application or industry that use flammable, toxic or chlorinated solvents. We are experts in identifying novel ways in eliminating problem solvents with 100% biodegradable non-toxic alternatives. Our solvent replacement technology can actually save considerable costs while reducing or eliminating hazardous waste. Our formulation criteria is to only use non-toxic non-regulated ingredients that offer superior cleaning efficiency while being easy to use.

Human & Environmentally Safe Cleaning

Made with Plant Based Ingredients
• 100% Biodegradable
No Ozone Depleting Chemicals (EPA SNAP solvent)
No Environmentally Hazardous Ingredients
Made from renewable resources
• Non-Regulated

Surfasolve products will effectively handle any type of industrial application currently using hazardous solvents. Surfasolve's low evaporation rate and highly efficient formula can significantly reduce overall solvent usage. It contains no water and is reactive in polymer system, unlike other green solvents which may contain up to 50% water.

Surfasolve Solvent Replacement Technology is a high performance blend of environmentally friendly solvents designed as an alternative to hazardous and highly flammable petroleum based solvents. It is not a flammable liquid*, contains no Hazardous Air Pollutants and is not a HAZMAT.

Download a Product Sheet or MSDS Sheet here.

*Because of it's flashpoint, this product is not considered a flammable liquid. Acetone and many other solvents have a low flashpoint and are flammable or extremely flammable. The flashpoint of a solvent determines how easily it will ignite and burn.

Surfasolve vs. Acetone Comparison

Surfasolve Comparison Charts

Switching to Surfasolve offers a 70% cost in use reduction and Surfasolve itself does not create hazardous waste

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